Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Sum of Parts

I could go on about the horrendous behavior that besets our species on this day.

But I won't. You can find those words elsewhere. Because...

There seems to be an excess of people that don't need to hear about that. People with misconnected parts and missing pieces. People with their parts on inside out and backwards, trying to get with other peoples parts. Those with parts that are threadbare do fall apart easily. There is no instruction manual for reference.

I'd gladly give you my body or my mind if it pleased you, whichever you prefer, but I only have one of each to spare. And I don't know anything about souls or whether they exist. But my body and my mind tell me that if I see one that is lonely, then give what I am able.

Love cannot be an idle notion, but it runs the risk being an idol. It's something to do, not to worship. Love is to be consumed voraciously. When it's great it's really great.

Whether I have a soul or not, I am driven to hone that innate ability. Regardless of what I may think I do not place it in the framework of a day, but I will give the affections if I am able. Love can be automatic if you let it. And since you are there and I am here, this is all I can do.

For most of you, we've never spoken, we've never met, and yet if it weren't for you I'd still be futzing around in oblivion. So this is all I can humbly give you for now. I hope it fills you up at least a fraction.

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Love you guys.



Tuna Girl said...

Oh, wow. I have no words, yet I completely understand what you are saying. And I love the idle/idol idea.


Brian said...

Beautifully stated and an amazing piece of art.

Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

That was incredibly beautiful. Perfect sentiments for the day.

Adam said...

Happy Valentines Day Simon. Thanks for the drawing and the eloquent post. I'm so glad I found your blog.

Hugs, Adam

Travis said...


fullofhype said...


that was perfection.

thank you for that.

David said...


ken said...

Beatiful illustration Simon.


Flip said...

Love is a choice.

Happy V Day, Simon.

Michael said...

Beautiful. And brilliant. (Or is it "Brilliant. And beautiful."?)

Michael said...

Happy Valentine's day Simon. Everyone needs to at least hear that or be told that. You're an amazing guy who's site I am very glad I stumbled on.

Another amazing picture, just like the guy that drew it. :)


marty said...

Some gunious add guy, yes said, Parts is parts. The sume of all thoes parts is a human. Yes for some 73,000.00 years we humans have shared each others parts. For each person some parts are more attractive to some than others. Shareing parts and finding someone elese parts attractive is only "part" of what got us this far.
Its only when you share our soul with someone that it gives us the warm fuzzy feeling inside. You capture and give that emotion in words, tape and art.

Being attractive is very important but it only goes so far. If attraction is all humans were about we would have died out long ago. Its fun to do, being attracted to someones parts, but most thinking people need more and that is shareing your soul. with some one.

Simon is there any dout you have a soul. That is whats happining right here right now.
its not your parts thoes of us are drawn here to, well maybe, its your soul.
its not often done most people dont have the courage to bare there souls to the world. but like you said " The horrindus behavior of our species" in most cases prevents it. but in spite of all the negitive


Trees are life. Born in the spring. Living in the summer. Bearin fruit in fall, adding seeds to the earth. Dieing come winter only to be reborn with spring and the cycle continues. Us and the Tree/Plants have a lot in commom. dependant, we give them CO-2 they give us oxygen and food.

Your soul?...... Words connot describe the warm emotion you gave the world in front of a simple orange tree bearing fruit and your soul to the earth.

Venturing to say none of us can express emmotion with color but you can . That and you desire to be honest with yourself. Damm it all. says volumes about your soul. No dout one of your best parts is balls.

Bodys are tempory. Souls are forever. Old souls are our Geniouses new souls are our fools. Like the trees we live learn and die. Reborn to live an learn from our mistakes. i like to think so, it explains alot about lifes realities we have no choice or control over except to learn from.
Lust comes from sharing your parts truley alot of fun! and often underestimated.
Love comes from shareing your soul and you parts, food, life, music, art, and blogs passionatly.

Thank you for sharing.

David In Denver said...

We love you, too, Simon. For all of the love you have and continue to share.

Larry said...

My threadbare parts thank your threadbare parts for this entry :)

Melissa said...

Thank you for continuing to write such lovely words.

It's weird sometimes, because I get to hear about you from your sistah, and then I can read your words here. I wish I did know you, though.

Jase said...