Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The night was too cold for sleep.

"So. 26 in a 15 school zone crossing..."

I really need to get new wiper blades for the windshield.

"On your way to work this morning? Still asleep?"

The steam in the retention pond is doing some spectacular sky writing.

"Everything going okay at home?"

I wonder if I'll ever see Japan? Probably cold there this time of year, too.

"Your insurance card is expired. Better get that taken care of otherwise it's a $70 fine."

My cowlicks are in rare form this morning.

"Back in a moment."

My teeth are starting to hurt again. Guess I should get them looked at.

"This constitutes a $254 ticket."

Why doesn't this card fit in my wallet like every other card.

"You look like the face of a man who has more than a few distractions on his plate at the moment. I assume that this a gross underestimation?"

I look up for a moment.

He beats out a rhythm with the contents of his hands. He stares, pondering with intent. His gaze wanders around, on the pillow and blanket in the seat next to me, my toothbrush and a jug of water. He continues on to the two empty child seats in the backseat, the towel soaking up the spot where snacks were spilled, the dirty sneakers and soiled clothes.

"These are yours. Stop somewhere, wake up and then give it 110% while you are on the road, okay?"

There is no ticket in the stack he returns to me.

"On your way now."

Hey, look at the pretty colors in the sky...

There may have been some words on my part in all of that but I honestly can't remember a single one.


David said...

After reading that, I dare you to tell me that you do not have guardian angels watching over you. Now take this blessing as a warning and keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.


Patrick said...

Be careful, sweet boy. Tickets are one thing, but oncoming traffic is quite another. Wouldn't want to loose you...


jjd said...

an instance of when pity is not necessarily a bad thing!

Larry said...

Everybody is right, you know. And while I don't want to see anything happen to you, I also don't want you to have to live with something happening to someone else. Been there. It sucks.

Chef Dean said...

But tell us, was the cop CUTE?? ;-) Glad you're ok.

Scott said...

Get some sleep this weekend Simon... I've been where you are - working endless hours and being on-the-go every minute you're not on the clock. You have to take some time for yourself. Get caught up on your rest or you'll become a burnout at 30 and we can't have that. You're too precious.

mikeypod said...


Take care of yo-self!

T said...

You did something outside the law? Get out of here. :D

rich said...

Focus... and breath.