Wednesday, August 03, 2005

To My Knowledge I Have Never Taken Steroids

OK so, I turn around to check on Monkey No. 2, who is so intently watching his movie that at any moment I'm afraid he may pull a Mike TeeVee on me, and somehow he has twisted half of his shirt and reinserted his arm so that he resembles a wandering warrior urchin ready to kick butt and steal the blueberries out of your muffin. Or else. Rubber lizard sidekick sold separately.

I am so very tired.



seestaah said...

hooray for monkeys!
at least they don't bite your toes.

BFLJock79 said...

Awww you poor thing!! Hmmm sounds like you need someone to cuddle up with =)

Melissa said...

Someone owes me some blueberries!

I hope you've been resting and surviving these past few days...

Sean said...

Hehe, Mike TeeVee - nice comparison