Thursday, August 25, 2005

I Should Know Better By Now

Personally, I think it was the monkeys that brought it home. But they don't act sick when they are sick so it's hard to tell. Or it could've been the food I ate a couple days ago that I told myself I wouldn't eat again the last time I had it. It's that curse of being a creature of habit.

So now I'm here at home with some kind of allergy/lack of sleep/bacteria related sinus infection/cold/pity party. But I'm feeling immensely better already after sleeping most of the day away so maybe I just needed some hibernation.

I certainly didn't have much during the night. Someone called at around midnight and didn't leave a message. I could have stumbled around for the phone but it was one of those instances where I couldn't tell if I was imagining the ringing sound in a dream. And then this morning I saw some strange number had called my cell in the middle of the night. So I did have a slight case of sweaty insomnia because of it.

The culprit that triggered this could have been the Demon Bowl I found in the fridge. There had been an odor strengthening with each passing day that penetrated even those things in tightly sealed containers. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I had just cleaned everything out recently, but even the box of baking soda seemed to have reached it's threshold for absorbing this stink.

And then I found it. Hidden away in the depths of the freezer in that one spot you never look, behind the random plastic bag and ice pack that never gets used. I couldn't even tell what it was anymore, it had freezer-burned a lot and strangely the smell wasn't as strong in it's immediate proximity. But once it came out of the freezer..good god almighty. I've seen some wicked food in my day but this had rotted to a state that any troll might be glad to call it's own brew. Even this morning after a day of exorcising the foul being I could sense a tinge of it's former existence in the air.

That said, it could be the water, too. I thought maybe I was reacting to the water the last few months...I have a water purifier that filters all the water in the house and, surprise, it wasn't working properly. Don't know how that happened. I mean, really, what moron would be so foolish to mess with something that cost a whole lot of money and could adversely affect your health if you screw it up. Oh, right, that would be me...

One thing about being home sick during the day is that I remember all those things I was supposed to do months ago. So I finally called the Water People who sent a very nice Water Guy to come fix the Water Machine. I had put it off so long because if it was just a matter of flipping some switch is that really worth a $99 service call? Well, yes, in fact it is. In my lack of talent for anything involving gears and motors, I had actually broken the timer thingy trying to reset it. But now, thanks to Water Guy, in a day or two I'll have happy water again that doesn't seem like I'm swallowing rusty nails. (Not that I was silly enough to actually DRINK the water during all this.) Yay!

Then again it might be the weather. There's a big ol' storm meandering about. Last year we didn't have a birthday party for Younger Monkey as we were in the midst of hurricanes. And whenever we'd reschedule it another one would come. So this Sunday we were going to have his party and guess who's not invited? Her name is Katrina. Poor Monkey. Looks like I may be hibernating again this weekend if we get all that nastiness.

Notice how all of this is a diversionary tactic so I don't mention at all that I could very possibly just be working too much?



rich said...

you need a break... some rest... and a good massage.

David said...

Simon - Stay safe amidst the wind and rain and look forward to some R&R. Getting sick is likely a sign of pushing yourself too aggressively. Strike a balance.

David said...


BFLJock79 said...

Awww... well I hope you feel better soon stud. And keep yourself safe in this hurricane ok? =))