Monday, August 01, 2005

Monkey Wrenches

Last night the boys stayed over for the first time since they moved out. I think I got about...hmmm, did I sleep? I'm not exactly sure. We all had to sure my bed since they don't have one. And thus the day begins.

5:50 Kick all monkeys out of the bed.

6:17 All monkeys strapped in their seats and packed up for a fun day with dad.

7:00 Arrive at work.

7:30 Make some quick munchies and sit monkeys down for a showing of Treasure Planet. Should be good to go for at least an hour or so right?

7:40 Hear GB tromping upstairs as fast as he can. Which means he's climbed the stairs. Threats of time-out ensue.

7:41 Tromping ensues once again. GB gets to stay with me now in my office.

7:47 Turn on hypnotic iTunes visualizer with music. Yay iTunes!

8:00 Well that lasted about ten minutes... GB don't play with the phone.

8:02 GB stop headbutting my arm and now oh crap what did you make me press to make my screen go dark.

8:06 There was Play-doh in the bucket of toys. Hurray for Play-Doh!

8:14 Hooray for rubber bands! Kinda.

8:27 Put the phone down. Now. Put the phone down. Now.

8:34 GB, give me the scissors!

8:38 Out of the ether a tower of 7-Eleven Double Gulp tumbler cups..go tumbling.

10:12 Boingy boingy boingy...Meemo? Meemo? Daddy daddy, meemo? Finding Nemo goes in, bouncing monkey is tamed for the moment.


Patrick said...

Marry me. :)

Evan said...

Hell on Earth. No thank you. :-P

Signalite said...

P-crash: You sweet, sweet boy. :)

Evan: Oh, but really, you've never lived until you have had to chase a 3 year old escapee through the woman's underwear section at Target telling him take the bra off his head.

ThatGuy said...

Oh I miss bringing my monkeys to the office. I put them to good use. I taught A how to file and catalog jobs on the server (Hey, she was 9 and aspired to be Miss Hathaway). Her brother D got the best job of all - saying things to co-workers I could never get away with. Oh the cackles that arose from hearing a 7 year old tell the fashion-challenged receptionist "Those shoes with THAT skirt?! What were you thinking???!"

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