Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Monkey Wrenches, Part Duh

It's 4am and I'm awake.

Monkeys are sleepin' over again. But it's not their fault I can't sleep.

I'd do a sketch but I forgot my tablet at work. I think. I hope its there. I do this all the time. I'll find it sitting next to my brain.

I think I'm allergic to the air conditioner. Yes, I've cleaned out the filters. Can one be allergic to water? Sometimes I think I'm allergic to the water here, as well. I take a shower but that just makes me sneeze more. The fits of burning in my eyes and rubbing my throat raw trying to clear it seem to be random though. Perhaps dust or mold or maybe the humidity or maybe some crickets working overtime. Most nights I am perfectly fine. But, I'd say when most of the natural elements (air, water, earth) are in cahoots with each other it doesn't bode well for a night of slumber.

It also costs a lot to run the air conditioner. I don't really run it when I'm alone but I can't very well have roasted kidlets in the morning. A good nights rest is one of the best things to make sure children turn out healthy and happy. Right. And here I am at the buttcrack of morning up and awake....

Guess I left yesterday's post rather abruptly, but just take what's there and set it on repeat and you get the picture. However, I can add, when you think it's too quiet:

a) Monkey has shed all his clothing save diaper and sneakers.
b) Monkey has climbed on your desk and is about to tatoo himself with a sharpie.
c) Monkey has made his way to the door and is about to attempt escape plan No. 135.

This week is basically non-existant already. Preschool is out this week in preparation for a new school year. Everybody works, so that leaves the boys with me since I can get away with bringing them to my place of employment if need be.

I may as well have taken the week off, since as you can see I was entirely too productive yesterday, but there's stuff at work I gotta be around for even if only for a few minutes. I could easily work from home, but I feel strange doing that. It's like I need the place-that's-not-home-but-don't-want-to-call-my-job to validate my paycheck. It's hard to explain.

Responsibility is not something I ever planned on. I may run into some road rage with it pretty soon.



Michael said...

You actually can be allergic to water, but it's more likely you're allergic to something in the water (chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, whatever). Also, air conditioned air is nasty, gives me headaches if it's on too much. Feel better (and if you're tired enough, you'll sleep, that's what I tell myself)!

Ms. S'ghetti said...

Here is a phrase you may find useful... "Okay monkeys, lets have a slumber party on the floor!" And then when they are asleep, you sneek off to bed!

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