Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ongline Podcast Interview Part 1

The fabulous John Ong interviewed me a while back about my art. The first part of that conversation is now available on his Ongline Podcast. It was uber-fun, although there are several hundred ums and I totally don't remember half of what I said. Be gentle.

Since he wanted to show images of what we talked about, it's an enhanced podcast which means it has pictures that pop up along with the audio. It also means you need iTunes or Quicktime to listen/view.

For those that can't play the enhanced version, you can download the regular mp3 version and just follow along with the links in the shownotes.


Brian said...

That was awesome to listen to. It's always interesting to learn how someone creates their art.

sister knitter said...

i see you neglected to mention the OTHER medium which was used to draw on the walls with when we were kids... ;)

VJnet said...

Um, I'm listening to the last 5 minutes right now as I'm leaving a comment and I didn't notice the ums until I read this post. hehehe loved the interview :D

Paul said...

It was great to listen to this interview. Sometime, we've got to talk ... I've got some ideas for how to go commercial, AND benefit others.

I had never thought about your concept that with digital art there is no original. I'm not sure I agree, but I understand your perspective.