Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The last of the the old, leeching, cracked fillings were finally removed from her teeth last week. Upon returning that evening to her old, leeching, cracked apartment, the crown fell out in a fit of spite. And she fell to pieces.

She didn't swallow it, as I have done when dealing with loose objects in the mouth, and today they cemented it back in hopefuly stronger than before.

If only I had some of that glue all the king's horses and men were using.


Jon said...

You have no practical things such as glue, but you have, and your monkies have love and kisses - impractical thought they might be, they do heal.

Michael said...

I think Jon's right. It's other stuff that really puts things back together for good - glue tries to force it, but eventually dissolves.

Think of this as a smile sent your way; I hope it helps a little!

David said...

Actually, all the king's horses and all the king's men weren't particularly successful in their endeavors, if you recall. I'm sure you will do better.