Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Secret Simon vs. The Smoke

A podcast. I couldn't breathe much today. I'm feeling better now.

Click to listen: Secret Simon vs. The Smoke


Anonyboy said...

You're so right... that smoke was awful! It spread all the way down to where I am, and it's back today! It's like always being at a campfire no matter where you go.

David said...

That was sweet, thanks for sharing.

Lee said...

With my family in Florida now, I keep on top of the smoke there. I hope y'all get rain soon (not hurricane-induced tho!) especially in the northern half!

And I also love several of the older female jazz and blues singers! Bailey and Brown are great. May I also recommend Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn (swoon!), Billie Holiday, Sippie Wallace, Shirley Bassey, Dinah Washington, Alberta Hunter.

Yay potty training!

VJnet said...

good to hear your voice, again :)