Tuesday, October 10, 2006

12 of 12 on Thursday!

Attention all ye with a camera and will be alive in approximately two days!

On Thursday, it will be Oct. 12th. In accordance with the international "12 of 12" photo project started by the fab Chad Darnell, this means I shall attempt to produce 12 pictures of events throughout the day, but in my own particular (or is that peculiar) miluex.

I have yet to decide whether I'll be sketching or being a mad scientist with photos. But you can see the set I did in May:
12 of 12...

Anyways, I'm extending this invitation to all of you folks as well. It's cool, you should try it if you are able, and by the mere fact that because I said so: Please go here for all the details and have at it!

And remember to have fun with it. That is the point after all.


Six Shooter said...

Even your "quick" sketches are amazing. YOu know what I'm going to say next.


Can't wait to see tomorrow's 12.

Lee said...

Well, THAT explains Brian @ Cheap Blue Guitar's photo line-up on fluckr!

VJnet said...

here's my 12 0n 12 for ya :D

sexy said...