Friday, May 12, 2006

12 of 12: May Edition

First, you go here. (But then be sure to come back.)


Lately, I've been turning off my alarm clock in my sleep since I've no one to kick me in the face otherwise.


What did I ever do before I had a CD player in my car?


On Fridays at work just call me Mr. Clean.




Golden Delicious.


If I don't hold my headphones they fall off my head.


$6.49 Shoes.


Circumstantial evidence.


School buses now have AIR CONDITIONING. What's the world coming to. Why, in my day... I didn't ride the bus.


The long-armed monkey in the wild reaches for his native food: cookies.


Somewhere there must be a saying about brotherly love that involves grocery carts, sulking, and downtrodden bananas.


Beware the macaroni thief that strikes at sunset.

Now think about doing your own next month.



Brian said...

What a great idea! Can't wait to see all you come up with. :-)

Hubbard said...


It's nice to see you posting. Hope all's well.

Heidi said...

Very interesting and original way to do it - I like it :-)

Ms. S'ghetti said...

Oooohhhhhh!!! Simon, Er, Alden makes his triumphant return!!!!

(I realize you did this two weeks ago, but I missed that one. ;) )

Brad said...

Beautiful pieces, each one.

Brad said...

Oh, and Justin was quite impressed as well.

Michael said...

Brilliant! You know I always love to look at what you've done new artwise and those are just lovely.

I hope that you and the Mac thief and the long armmed one have a great weekend!

Brad said...

The more I look at your colorful sketches, I've decided that I really do have a favorite. The macaroni thief at sunset is just incredible. I love the eyes of the little monkey peeking over the table.

I'm sorry, I keep coming back to this post. (Although, I have been one of your long-time blog readers.) It has really moved me that you would spend so much time on this one day in your life, and then share it with me(us).

It is truly incredible, and you are an amazing artist.

I miss your writing, because you are terribly gifted in that way as well, but your art is something to behold.

Thank you, Alden. You've blessed so many of our lives.

Hugs to the monkeys.

Peace to you as well.

The Persian said...

you are so incredibly!!


names said...

It's nice to see you returning to the blog-sphere. Wonderful drawings.

hb jock said...

Wow, these are really great bud! Much better than a lot of shit I see in art galleries... you're so talented.

David In Denver said...

Once again, Simon/Alden rocks the blogosphere! Thanks for sharing those - they are all so amazing; just like you!

Anonymous said...

Am very glad to see you posting again. As always, your drawings are wonderfully expressive, magical. Hope this is just the start or new postings...

David said...

That was absolutely delightful. Have you looked into illustrating children's books?

Atari_Age said...

You're BACK?!? Well, at least for now. I hope that means things are a little more bareable.

Please tell me that you make a small living off your artwork. It's really great.

Though, I know alot of art people would never just "sell" their art. Especially to someone who thinks the painting will match the couches.

VJnet said...


This was fun! i hope you enjoy my take on it as much as I enjoyed yours :-)


Sharon said...

Very cool! Idea and your drawings/watercolors.

Derek said...

dude, you are very talented, I'm really enjoying this blog.

sexy said...