Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Yeah. I care too much and I don't know why.

The South Central Farm was forcefully seized today despite the peaceful resistance of the South Central Farmers and their supporters. An early morning raid began at 5:00am to evict the farmers and community supporters who had taken up camp 21 days ago at the South Central Farm. The L.A. County Sheriffs Department coordinated this action with the assistance of the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Los Angeles Police Department who were dressed in full riot gear. Approximately 50 demonstrators have been arrested, some suffering the force of baton use. Bulldozers have been brought in to level the 14 acres of food and medicine that began to bloom 14 years ago when the land was mitigated to the community in the wake of the 1992 uprising. With tears on their faces farmers are being supported by an influx of community supporters turning out to demonstrate their continued efforts to save the land for the community.

South Central Farmers
Democracy Now



Brian said...

That sucks. :-(

Marty Gilbert said...

Heard about this at work and thought. this will hurt Simon. who,s soul is one with the soil and plants, you understand their relationship with us. They like you will survive and grow to see sunlight a new day

Lynette said...

How completely hideous. I am so sorry.

My small city garden sustains me in so many ways. I would be lost without it. This destruction, affecting so many, makes me ill.

David said...

So sorry, guy. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Jonathan said...

Q: I care too much and I don't know why.

A: Because you are a genuine human being who has not let our dreadful system drain you of your empathy, caring and humanity. In short, you are completely normal just living in a world of people driven to pathology.