Monday, May 15, 2006

Urgent! South Central Farm in Danger

I don't know how many people still frequent here but please take a moment and read this, especially if you live in California. As of this post there are only 6 days left to help. If you know anyone who this info might be useful please forward it or post it to your blog:

Info and Pics:
Caped, Masked, and Armed

South Central Farmers



David said...

Will do.

Michael said...

Belive me, if I can I'm going to try and do something for them. As someone to is a small time gardner, I can't imagine the idea of demolishing something that could potentially bring so many people together...just to put up housing that they wouldn't probably be able to afford.

Pardon me as I go fume a bit.

Atari_Age said...

Let me look this thing over. This sounds so wrong!

Marty Gilbert said...

have some info about my little red marks caint get it to you