Monday, June 30, 2008

Run, Matt, Run!

Okay so, pay attention, boys and girls.

My buddy Matt is going to be running in the Chicago Marathon. Since Matt is not in the habit of running marathons (and really, who is?), he's participating in the National AIDS Marathon Training Program. This ensures that Matt does not keel over from exhaustion, dehydration or other random obstacles like flying monkeys.

I find this to be highly admirable. Thing is, Matt also needs to raise a bit o' money to participate in this endeavor by July 15th. I've also been inspired to do something with my art lately for the forces of good, which is where you and I come in.

I'll be doing a mini-marathon of my own from July 1st - 15th, where all the sketches that I draw will be printed as a limited edition postcard set, hand signed and numbered. Donate $40 to Matt's run and you score a set for yourself. Easy, right?

Just follow these simple steps to help out:

1. First and most important, make a donation of at least $40 or more by going here. (One postcard set per donation.)

2. Then, send an email to with your name, the amount you donated and your shipping address (so that we know you want a set and how to get it to you) .

3. A few weeks after July 15th you should get a set of your very own to admire, send to friends or swat away flying monkeys. You'll also get for free, our humblest gratitude.

4. Much like when my younger son played in a baseball league on a giant rubber field, "Everybody wins!"

Remember that you can see these sketches drawn live (mostly) everyday on during lunchtime (which is around 1 PM EST). There will be around twenty total so be on the lookout for a few live shows in the evening as well!

Don't let me down, wonderful internet people! (Because you know I have access to flying monkeys...)

UPDATE: See all the sketches so far:

Lunchbox Sketch: 20080701 Lunchbox Sketch: 20080702Friday Evening Sketch: 20080704Saturday Night Sketch: 20080705

1 comment:

David said...

Can I get some flying monkeys?

Gotta wait for the next paycheck, but I'm on it.