Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Night Sketch: Father's Day Edition

Every year since 2005 (which you can find the birth of here if you look for it) I've been making a "Songs for Dad" mix CD. Here's the cover for this year's, done lovingly and appropriately, in the last minutes of father's day as he sketched things out on his guitar:

Sunday Night Sketch: 20080615

This year was a team up with sis, as she was having the same epiphany. So we ended up with a double disc dad-a-polooza. My offerings have become far more.. daring shall I say? And my sis offers up the hidden gems only she can unearth.

And as to my own darling fruits of my loins?

Well, let's see. Last night as all were settled in bed and listening to the evenings story, without warning or provocation the younger monkey decided to stand up on the couch, and with a zeal only glimpsed upon previously, proclaimed "LET'S GET NAKED!" At which point he removed his underwear and flung it across the room. I have never seen anyone revel in this accomplishment that much. Ever. As he paraded his glory out for all to behold, I also couldn't get clothes or sense into him for the next five minutes. Elder monkey was not much help as he was hysterically rolling on the floor with giggles.

Standard protocol, really.