Saturday, December 29, 2007

PooDoo, Revisited

On Christmas Eve, I popped in Animal Crossing on the trusty GameCube for the first time in 41 months.

I know it's been this long because when you talk to the residents of our town, which we named PooDoo, they are either shocked, delighted or appalled that I haven't been around for 41 months. In the mean time, weeds have overgrown, mail has jammed up the post office, I've forgotten who I was supposed to be delivering the comic book to, and many neighbors have either moved out, starved to death or committed seppuku. And the roaches have come. Many of them. My fishing rod has also mysteriously vanished. One can only speculate.

Alas, disaster has befallen our sister town of Oz, which was residing on another memory card (each sold separately!), but reported as corrupt when trying to get there by train. I can assume that means inner political turmoil or some such mess.

Some things are the same as sweet Daisy is still there, as is Twiggy and Liz, and all the resident felines Kitty, Punchy, and Bangle. Ed and Tom are still in town and they were conspicuously not at home at the same time. I always suspected one or the other was hitting on me. So it's highly suspect that perhaps they found love or at least a hook up. I mean, one of them is literally a horse.

Not surprisingly, I've still never paid off my house (in the game or otherwise). I should have known better than to get a loan from a Tanuki. If only I could sell my junk in real life I'd be set. It's been so long that my then wife was playing, paid off her house, had time to start another game, paid off that house and was still writing me love notes. She always did beat me at all video games.

What have I been doing lately in the real world? Oh, that's not really all that important. I also can't remember exactly. But then that's what twitter is for, right?

I may have left some Negative Nancy comments on a blog or two and I apologize if that was yours in my wake. I'm realizing now that I need to go into social hibernation during the holidays, at least on the internet, instead of trying to pretend to like it. It just makes me ranty and/or depressed. Some years are better than others. And there's just no soothing ointment good for that kind of irritation. But moving on, as I have tried to...

Monkeys have discovered the game and since it's all reading, I say, score! However, I do have to restrain the Elder Monkey from wildly cutting down all the trees in sight. Give a boy a golden axe and suddenly he's Paul Bunyan.

Oh and just an FYI, I expect we'll be occupied at 8 o'clock PM for quite a few Saturday evenings to come listening to the complete K.K. Slider repertoire.


Kiwi said...

Oh animal crossing! I was freed from it's gamecube grip only to get sucked in for another year on the DS. But now I haven't touched it in over a year.

I talked your ex-wife on the phone once; She dispelled the mystery of how to build the perfect animal crossing snowman. I was (am still am) immensely thankful for her help.

I hope PooDoo makes a great comeback!

David said...

When people start talk about video games, my eyes glaze over.