Friday, September 09, 2005

Quoth the Monkey

Elder Monkey goes outside to wait for the bus: "This morning smells like dog."

Mom, a bit perplexed: "What?"

Elder Monkey: "You know, it's like dog. There's this boy in my class who smells like dog."

Mom, a bit aghast: "Did you tell him that?"

Elder Monkey: "Yeah."

Mom, a bit more aghast: "Why?"

Elder Monkey: "Cause he smells like DOG."

Apparently the dog in question was not just a dog but a Doooooooooog, spoken, I am sure, complete with the swoopy, dialect, dramatic eyes, hands, and head tilt. I swear, he's a teenager trapped in a five-year olds body.

Like when talking about his impending trip to see March of the Penguins this afternoon, he will so get on your case if you call it "that Penguin movie."

"Daddy, it's March of the Penguins." (Insert silent sigh that so says "Why do I always have to correct you people.") I'll be awaiting his review this evening.

This has been the comedic highlight of my week. Up there with my wife's description of that sequel to Silence of the Lambs wherein she will never again be able to watch Ray Liotta without giving new meaning to the term the term brain food. Sorry if that's a spoiler to anyone but really, there aught to be an extra warning on movies that involve eating one's own brain.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't make you smarter but go ahead let me know how that works out for you.



Jonah said...

Uh oh... is he reaching that rebellious teenager stage where they become total smart asses?? =)

And speaking of that sequel to Silence of the Lambs... that is a severely grotesque scene.. NASTY!! =))

Tuna Girl said...

Oh, I know that teenager-in-a-little-kid-body phenomenon well. Tonight my daughter was shaking her booty and singing, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me?"