Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Would Ya Like To Take Survey?

Introspective thoughts or pretentious babble?

You decide.

If you get gobbledygook when you click on the link, try right-clicking to download the file.


David said...

Simon - it's always fascinating to hear your "voice"; whether that be of the written-word, the spoken word, your sketches, or simply your life-story. I always smile.

Telling your "secrets" is at the pinnacle, a very liberating experience. That's simple, I know, but probably one of the truest motivators. We all have them, we all want to share them. Because in doing so, we release a closely-held part of ourselves to others. And in some strange way, that is very satisfying.

Dan said...

What an amazing post - you come across as very wise, and it is obvious that you have put a lot of thought into what you chose to say. Kudos to you!

Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

That was a lot of fun. Inspiring idea.
You are as articulate speaking as you are writing, where at least you get to edit yourself.
Very interesting topic. It's something I've talked about a lot with my own wife. Since admitting my bisexuality to her it's a big topic that we don't have any big secrets anymore, but we both agree that everyone needs to have things that are their own.

There was actually a study reported in the New York Times a couple months back about how everyone needs to have secrets and that they keep us balanced. There is something too that. It's when the secrets get too big or are too much a part of our lives that they can take over.

Though I do agree with David there is something liberating about telling a secret. I've shared being bi with a number of close friends and it has been a tremendously satisfying experience.

Ms. S'ghetti said...

Another very interesting post- you are such a multi faceted person..... Very good.

There is a comedic book called 'Can you Keep A Secret' By Sophie Kinselea, and the underlying message to me is that everyone has secrets, big or small... And there are some people who simply must share secrets- and others feel obligated to keep them

David said...

Awesome freaking voice post. I love it. Great job. I look foward to the next installment...

rich said...

your voice reminds me of a friend...not a specific friend, but a combination of friends I have as they talk and I listen when we hang.

You definitely are as articulate in your words when you say them as when you write them. And both show a wise man behind the blog.