Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

Yes, I'm posting another audio post, but hear me out, it involves some audience participation.

Secret Simon Says... No. 3

So, in an attempt to make this blog a bit less...uh..self indulgent, I'd like to hear from all you fellow bloggers out there. If you feel so inclined and would like to be interviewed for a quick (but not necessarily painless) 10-15 minutes for a future audio post here by yours truly, let me know.

email: darksymon {at} yahoo {dot} com
AIM: Signalite
yahoo: darksymon



Daniel said...

i love the way you laugh, it's almost a snicker, heheheheh.

Joseph said...

I don't think I'd be interesting enough to interview. I really like your voice, though. You should become a full-blown podcaster.

yo' sistah! said...

how can i hear these infamous audio posts?? the computers at school won't let me. apparently they have something against you.
oh yeah, and you can sign me up for that interview anytime, heh heh heh...and where's my cd, huh?! i'm going to nashville tomorrow to meet up with my man for a big birthday gig/hug fest. i guess i'll get to talk to you one of these days...... love, sis.

Jon said...

Waaaaaait a minute. You mean it's not a good thing for a blog to be self-indulgent? Boy, am I in trouble!

(Okay, so I'm a few days late posting this comment. Whatever.)

BFLJock79 said...

Hmmm now how would you interview someone over the phone for an audio blog? Would it actually catch both voices somehow?

Signalite said...

Daniel: At least I haven't burst out with a maniacal cackle yet. Bwahaha...

Joseph: I highly doubt you'd be lacking in inerest, sir. :P

Sistah: Your CD is coming I swear. Oh, yeah and happy birthday.

Jon: You narcissistic bastard.

BFL: I've figured out how to record iChat audio conversations relatively easy but for those not Mac oriented I'm still working on the logistics of how to do it.

If anyone has any insights into this feel free to share!

David said...

What an awesome idea. I'm sure I"m like Joseph, probably could fill out a whole 5-minutes, but I love the concept and would love to try.

Perfekt Dad said...

Great idea, Simon. Maybe someday I'll be ready to volunteer.