Saturday, September 13, 2008

12 of 12 ~ September '08 Edition

Ok people, here's the deal. I'm busy. And I'm tired. I'm so tired that I can't sleep. I feel bloated, most of my appendages are at risk of collapse, and I'm pretty sure there's a pus volcano forming near my left nostril. It could possibly just be that time of the month. Or year.

Does someone have a doll wearing dark rimmed glasses and lots of tiny needles nearby? If so, KNOCK IT OFF.

Regardless, since I'm not quite dead yet, here's 12 photos because it's the 12th of the month:

07:28:34 - A Few Minutes Until Departure
A Few Minutes Until Departure
Which means there's plenty of time to build the ship.

07:29:47 - Shlincky

07:41:10 - Fridge Mantra: SLUG DIB
Fridge Mantra: SLUG DIB

08:10:21 - No Left Turn
No Left Turn
At this precise moment Sara Palin was being overanalyzed on the radio, making several people gloat with hysterical glee and several other people break out in hives (and reach for the rash cream).

08:24:18 - Treasure Box
Treasure Box
Breakfast don't gotta be complicated.

08:25:13 - Hoop Daze
Hoop Daze
Waiting for my acai smoothy with the morning crowd of two at Jamba Juice. No worries, bud. I can't hula hoop either.

08:51:02 - My Desk, My Life.
My Desk, My Life

14:37:48 - The Walker
The Walker
Salvaged detail of a cardboard mural.

16:48:57 - SMOKED
I finally finish eating lunch around 4:30. I also find myself putting hot sauce on almost everything I can get away with now. I'm not sure but I think it makes me southern? Or old?

20:15:29 - The Last To Leave
The Last To Leave
It's true. I work too late.

21:10:52 - Full House
Full House
Bookshelf at home, desk at work, it doesn't matter. I come home stare at these intending to become cultured, or at least briefly entertained, and then go to bed in defeat.

Slippery Street
Slippery Street
This road is much busier than I ever imagined it would be. Don't let your dogs or children out without a leash.

Bonus Photo - Homemade Droids
Homemade Droids
Their names are Beetle and Harley. They are looking for Emeralds. Their captain is Captain Roboto. Their ship is shy and is always hiding under things. I didn't make any of this up. A monkey told me so.

See the rest of the world in play at Chad Darnell's 12 of 12.


Brian said...


Sharon said...

Another day but you make it look interesting and not mundane.

Anonymous said...

Great shots! Looks like a nice day.

Pete said...

Straight up awesome. I like your pictures too, you got some talent my friend.

David said...

Another rare a treasured dispatch from Secret Simon land.

Janelle said...

Great shots. Love the desk shot the most... only because it makes me feel better about my messy desk!

Dogeared said...

Luckily being a Brit, I can pick "my" election choice based on whose personality I like. And that rules Palin out (plus the hairmet she seems to always style her hair into). I'll be in the US for election night, should be interesting to see! (yeah, more interested in your election than any UK one!).

Love the robot/machine story, and the mural doodle!

Helen (12er)

Anonymous said...

Psst! Pass it on.

Kari said...

So this is the first time i have looked at your 12 of 12. And...i like it. thought it was very interesting. BTW, i got your blog from the DI podcast. I personally like the slippery road pic the best. anyways. i am interested to see more :)

VJnet said...

Poke. November 12 of 12?.. December 12 of 12?.. will there be a January 12 of 12 ;P