Monday, May 12, 2008

12 of 12 ~ May '08 Edition

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 1
The bus is on time, which means I am running behind schedule. (Run, monkey, run!)

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 2
Suddenly, the route to work unexpectedly passed through the portal of oaks that emerges out of nowhere and then seemingly disappears again.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 3
The postage for a letter rises one cent today to finally reach the number that is the secret to life the universe and everything. It has no excuse to go up any longer.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 4
Oh, right, grub. I'm quite sure I've taken this photo already, but you can never have too many of one stuffing their faces.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 5
Trying to get into a new habit. Everyday for lunch I draw instead of eat. It's nourishment of a different kind.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 6
Box No. 10 was glad to take the required funds.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 7
And then suddenly a dolphin flew overhead out of nowhere. They tend to do that in Florida.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 8
Content blue stockings dwell here.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 9
Tired and hungry, the four friends sleep deeply to recharge for the next days' quest.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 10
There's a UFO in my kitchen. See.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 11
Mom's sprouts are growing beyond all expectations. I thought perhaps it was the ice maker in the fridge making strange noises in the middle of the night. Now I realize the alfalfa is plotting.

12 of 12 ~ May 2008 - No. 12
To my horror, the giant mushroom spewed spores that ravaged the minds of my faithful followers. And then they killed me. There's not much to be done against a raging herd of zombie pikmin.

Be sure to go to Chad Darnell's blog to see all the other people around the world taking 12 pictures on the 12th of every month. And play if you can. There's always time to play.


Sharon said...

Did Monkey come home?

This is one of the best 12of12s I have even seen.

Adam said...

I agree with Sharon, one of the best 12 of 12s, ever!

Brian said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Scott-O-Rama said...

This is fantastic! Well done indeed.

David said...

Do you use a time to take the self-portraits or does someone help you? My camera does not have a timer function, unfortunately.

As always, you put the rest of us to shame.

VJnet said...

Looks like your munching on a mustard filled sandwich. hehehe

Lee said...

I still love that last one of you.

Dogeared said...

Heh, I like the last one - you do look like you're terrified of zombies!

Helen (Dogeared, 12er)

sexy said...