Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sketch o' the Day ~ Voyage of the Smog Trudger

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Shortly after the navigator was thrown overboard for mumbling about their fearless leader reeking of 500 year old sea serpent poodoo, the young recruit began to reconsider his career options when Momar the Fabulous Pygmy Warlord then decided to take the "shortcut" through the boiling Sea of Blorffengurving.


Paul said...

How festive! Is this the family?

cheapblueguitar said...

Wow! This one has so much to take in.. the color, textures, characters... I think it may be one of your best yet. Good job!

cb said...

dude, I'm STILL wanting a commissioned work from you. Email ME!

Oh, and I love the whole take on the "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" thing. Brilliant. Right down to the dragon masthead

goblinbox said...

So cute. OMG.

orlith said...

I think it's lovely. I'd definiely want to have it on my wall, if given the opportunity. :)