Sunday, February 18, 2007

Superduper Lover

Was there any ever doubt?
via Articulatory Loop

Oh, and at first I didn't see that you had to set it to "Super Male" and came up with this lovely creature:


michael said...

hehe....well here's my result (and i wouldn't say no to the big furry blue guy!)

I got The Beast....Hank McCoy himself
followed in second Ben Grim (the thing) and then Madman....who I haven't ever heard of.

And for the female? Well let's just say that if I dated her, her husband Spiderman would be upset :)
(Oh the joys of Mary Jane Parker!)

Now how come they wouldn't let me use the Html code hmmmmm

David said...

Captain America? WTF?

I am totally disappointed.

Tuna Girl said...

Oh great. I got Puck. He's short (and wide) but apparently has a giant penis.