Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cheek to Cheek

Online quizzes are always the same for me so I don't partake of many. I'm rather predictable it seems. I already know that I'm Spiderman, for example.

But still sometimes I think, am I really that predictable? So you tell me... is this a good thing or just plain boring?

The Slow Dancer

Deliberate Gentle Love Dreamer

Steady, reliable, and cradling him tenderly. Take a deep breath, and let it out real easy...you are The Slow Dancer.

Your focus is love, not sex, and for your age, you have average experience. But you're a great, thoughtful guy, and your love life improves every year. There's also a powerful elimination process working in your favor: most Playboy types get stuck raising unwanted kids before you even begin settling down. The men left over will be hot and yours. Your ideal man is someone intimate, intelligent, and very supportive.

Your exact opposite:
The Hornivore

Random Brutal Sex Master

While you're not exactly the life of the party, you do thrive in small groups of smart people. Your circle of friends is extra tight and it's HIGHLY likely they're just like you. You appreciate symmetry in relationships.

ALWAYS AVOID: The False Messiah
CONSIDER: The Gentleman or The Slow Dancer

The 32-Type Dating Test


Kevin said...

Sounds like a good thing to me. After all, your ideal man is someone intimate, intelligent, and very supportive. Sounds perfect.

Kris said...