Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Afraid Mr. Bumbry Has Fallen Quite Ill


I suppose when someone actually tracks down an email address for me, that was totally not connected to anything with this site, just to say, basically, WTF...

...that you people are crazy. And lovely. But still crazy. Don't you have anything better to do then mope over someone you've never met? I do apologize profusely if I made you worry.

You're concern is warranted. My desire to communicate with anyone has been diminishing at a rapid rate. I suppose the way I left things was not fair.

I'm okay. I simply don't have much to say that's positive anymore. I know that no one's life is rosy but the last thing I want to do is bring people down.

And I'm tired. I try to create and nothing happens.

So I'm leaving Simon here for others to discover and ponder and take what they need from him. If I come back it will be in a new time and place. With monkeys still in tow. I promise.

I still have my eye on all of you.



Mike said...

It seems strange to you, that people would care about someone they haven't met. And yet people do it every day, all over the world. What you've shared of yourself here at Secret Simon reveals a complex personality, eminently loveable, and just someone many people would really like to have as a buddy. Nurses, relief aid workers, (a few) statesmen - care deeply about people they've never met. Why should it be so strange that the people you've shared intimate thoughts and emotions with would care about you? Simon, Alden, whatever your name is: you are loved. And not just by your monkeys, or your parents, or your wife, or anyone else you know in real life. I may have overstated it, but it's important that you remember it. You are loved. Always remember that.

mark said...

Well babe, as long as we know you're ok and you know we're only an email or phone call away if you need to talk. What you do with this site is your business, not ours. You come back only if you want and not a minute before.

Take care of yourself.

jjd said...

I understand your sentiment entirely.

David said...

I sent you a letter to you Secret Simon PO. I hope you get it. I was worried. Be well. You will be missed in the blogosphere.

Tom said...

I don't come around often, and was surprised to find you bidding farwell. Just one thought from somebody who makes movies (well, television) for a living: that movie you made with the captions in opposition to the spoken words, walking through the rain, was moving and inventive and just all around really really good and you owe it to your talent and to the world to keep making movies.

Happy trails to you and the monkeys.

Stockjobber said...

I'm so glad you left a follow-up post to say you're okay. I was worried.

I hope you sort out whatever stresses you're having in you life and gain the joy you deserve. You've been through a tremdous amount of change in the past few months.

Perfekt Dad said...

I respect, understand and appreciate your decision to take a "vacation"--or end--the blog. I sincerely hope all will be well with you.


Atari_Age said...

Well, I don't usually scour the internet searching for people's email addresses. Though I was tempted to do so in your case a few weeks back. But I didn't.

Just wanted to say, first, I was touched that somehow somewhere you'd been reading about my crap (yes, he can be a tough little monkey), and, second, that I hope your life also becomes sorted out and improved.

It has to. This has been a hard time for you, no doubt. And whatever you need to do to make it better, than do it. Just please don't lock absolutely everyone out. Please alow at least one good friend in. I'm hoping you have at least one good buddy nearby to talk things over with.

I wonder what it would be like if alot of us were close enough to each other to just drop by and visit. A stringer sense of community. A readily available network of real friends.

I hope you have something like that, even if it's just one person, to be with you through these days

ra said...

I know what it's like to lose my sex drive. It happens. I'm sure there are good reasons. For me the decline was very dramatic, and has been slow to re-assert itself (my sexdrive is an it). The only times it has re-surfaced has been when someone has really sweetly loved me.
Thank you for all your thoughts.

Marshal said...

You will always be one of my heros. Hero is the appropriate word, since I only give it to people who inspire and create original thought and share themselves striped bare to the masses. Thanks for all the reviews in the early years...Love Love Love...and a banana...


Paul said...

Best of luck! I previously read your entire blog in one night. I couldn't stop clicking the next post. Obviously, I was moved.

I've wondered where you've been. I've been concerned but I want to wish you the best.

I once sent you an email saying how much I admire your artwork. I continue to. And I hope you're finding a commercial outlet for it.


PS. And stay committed to those Monkeys.

Nillo said...

Good luck, Mr. Simon. Hopefully you will work through what you need to work through and return to the blogo, podo, video-sphere when you are ready. We all need breaks from the world on occasion -- it's just a natural part of life to retreat on occasion. Peace ...