Thursday, December 01, 2005

Secret Simon Podcast #001


I was feeling uppity so I went and did this thing. Take appropriate precautions and listen up. I'll make it all pretty looking later.

RUN TIME: 9:35

You'll notice to the right there is now a new mode of communication as well. We must feed the PO Box to appease it's wrath. ---->



rich said...

i like that challenge

-random postcard (i mean RANDOM) writer... not really a letter.

Ms. S'ghetti said...

Ahhh- letter writing is a lost art.... And have you ever noticed how no one even sends birthday cards anymore?!? They send E Cards! E Cards!!! How impersonal.

I, myself, like to make and send cards. Very entertaining to me....

fullofhype said...

good for you! you've started a podcast!

stimulation? hmm...

Defining David said...

OMG, I have so been bitching about the lost art of writing, so I love the fact that you have PO Box for communication now. That's fantastic.