Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Ongline World

As you may have noticed, I've caught the podcast bug lately.

Last Thursday on a whim, I noticed the Ongline Podcast was accepting call-ins via Gizmo, so I gave it a try just out of curiosity.

It was a wonderful conversation with congenial host John Ong and fellow listener Tigger from California. We banter on about coming out and religon and podcasting in general.

In other news, we're going to hear the Elder Monkey sing in his first school concert tonight. I can't believe that it's already time for those kinds of things to happen. I'm sure that the majority of parental units don't equate Kindergarteners warbling en masse with one of the levels of purgatory so I probably won't inflict it upon you.

Or perhaps, considering the uncontrollable ways of monkeys (thanks for that Evan), I just might.



Tigger said...

Simon, thank you for the commenting on my blog. Likewise, I had a great time talking with you. I hope you are doing all right.

RcktMan said...

I'm loving the podcasts too. I'd like to find some new ones to add to my collection, so I will definitely try this one out. :)

fullofhype said...

hey simon,

just finished listening to the podcast you were in. the three of you were great. thank you for sharing!

Ethan said...

i want to do podcasts as well!!

Ms. S'ghetti said...

Bravo- I just want to share with you that you have such a soothing voice.

Andy & Bob's said...

Hiya Simon, I jsut want to say hi and It was great to here you on the show. Im Bob from Andy and Bobs World, which Tigger said about in the podcast. It is really nice to hear somebody who I can relate to from similar expreriences(I can't spell)and would be great to make contact vie email etc.
Take care

Wannabeleader said...

Nice sketches.