Monday, October 17, 2005

A New Week At Work! Thundercats, Ho!

I've just gone to the little boys room to discover I have Oliver-Twist-Meets-Mad-Scientist hair. Normally I wouldn't notice, but being that I've been up for some hours already and figuring that even without the aid of any product, bed-head usually would have subsided by now and that nobody really even blinked... I am reminded that anywhere else coworkers might awkwardly glance at random five inch spikes and indicate some kind of reservation to the unprofessional. Or wonder what I was doing with a ruler in the bathroom. (Well I had to know how high we were talking here...)

To give you an idea of the general mindset of the people I work with, this was sent around from the boss first thing this morning. It's highly probable, however, that it's not safe for your workplace...: Puberty Explained

Here's hoping your week has at least one hair-raising yet life affirming moment. Hair not required.



Jeff said...

Happy Monday! Another pretty funny B-Squad sketch is "Paul & Frank" (also not safe for work; at least the ending isn't).

P.S. I meant to thank you a while back for linking to my blog. Thanks! ;)

Ms. S'ghetti said...

Oh dear sweet bejeezuz. That is one special movie, the funniest part is picturing that flying through my workplace.... Your office must be one heck of a lot cooler than mine :)

Have a good week Simon!