Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sketch o' the Day ~ Lost Boy No. 2

I forgot how cathartic sketching is. But damn, I am rusty. I'd liken it to riding a bike, except I never got the hang of that either. So I'll just doodle instead, it's less life threatening.



rich said...

aso... the colors are inspiring. my friend just told me to lock myself in my studio without the computer (to keep me from blogging or reading blogs)... but i'll make an exception to look at your work and be inspired by the colors.

Kip said...

I'm not an artist, but those drawings look pretty durn awesome to me!

maria said...

that's a pretty good one =)

Jon said...

You may call yourself rusty but I'm amazed.

sis. said...

hey,look at you! all colourful and posted and everything! i'm so glad you're sketching again. so keep doing it! or i'll have to kick your butt.
love, sis.

Signalite said...

Rich: You see..the trick is to incorporate your computer into your art. Yeah that's the ticket :P Please don't forget to eat, sleep and breathe while you are in solitary.

Kip & Maria: Tanks!

Jon: Yeah, funny thing, I found this oil can that I'd been missing lying around the other day.

Sis: Someday we'll finish the "Rat's Daughter" I swear.